LifeKit PreScript


Advanced genetic testing that empowers providers to choose the right medication, right away.


Eliminate the guesswork with LifeKit® PreScript®.

Use genetics to rule out harmful or ineffective medications up front—and stop adverse reactions before they occur. Physicians spend more time focused on patients, and patients enjoy enhanced quality of life. LifeKit® PreScript® is a natural fit for addiction centers, pain management centers, and complex dosing situations in family practice centers.


Only LifeKit® PreScript®  goes beyond pharmacogenomics​   t​o assess interactions with current medications.

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Most patients use more than one medication. LifeKit® PreScript® looks beyond genetic makeup to consider current medications and health status. The result: a far more accurate prediction on the likelihood of response to specific medications.

LifeKit® PreScript® benefits are clear:

Easy for providers

  • Simple, quickly analyzed DNA cheek swab replaces painful blood draws
  • Medications are assessed for compatibility with the patient’s genetic makeup, then rated based on optimal dosing levels
  • Color-coded PreScript® Profile provides a clear, comprehensive list of therapy options
  • Providers are alerted on when to recommend a dose variation or alternative medication, and which patients may require more attention

Better for patients

  • The lowest chances of adverse reactions
  • The highest likelihood of therapeutic benefit
  • Significantly better outcomes, often in a shorter timeframe


Our genetic analyses target critical healthcare areas: