Prescient Medicine Partners with Colonial House Healthcare Network to Offer Precision Medicine Drug Testing Services

Prescient Medicine Partners with Colonial House Healthcare Network to Offer Precision Medicine Drug Testing Services


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HUMMELSTOWN, Pa., Feb. 22, 2017 -- Prescient Medicine today announced that it has signed an agreement with Colonial House, Inc. Healthcare Network of York, Pa. to provide Precision Medicine laboratory services. Precision Medicine is a new category of medicine that provides patients and physicians with advanced laboratory analysis. This enables physicians to make more informed treatment decisions about a variety of patient conditions.

Under the agreement, Prescient Medicine will provide advanced drug panel testing services to Colonial House, Inc., an inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery center, with very timely turnaround for results. The drug panels, which can be customized, detect opioids and other substances in urine and saliva samples, with high specificity and accuracy.

Prescient Medicine also has the ability to provide Colonial House, Inc. with advanced genetic testing services to help reduce addiction risk and potential overdose in patients who require pain medication or other drugs during addiction recovery.

“Prescient Medicine’s laboratory testing services help our patients comply with the agreements they make to stay sober and chemical-free when they enter our program. With a fast turnaround time for results, we can address relapses quickly and potentially save lives,” said Antoinette Sacco, MSH, CEO, Colonial House, Inc.

“Precision medicine is an innovative approach  that provides patients and physicians with insights based upon the patients’ genetic background. Prescient Medicine is committed to innovative solutions to help patients with a wide variety of medical conditions, including the unique needs of addictive services.  said Keri Donaldson, M.D., CEO, Prescient Medicine. 

About Colonial House

Colonial House, Inc. uses evidence-based practices to help patients achieve sobriety and maintain a chemical-free lifestyle. With two treatment locations and a third opening early in 2017 specific to substance use disorders, Colonial House offers a stable, nurturing environment that can guide patients through each and every step of recovery, allowing them to acquire the skills needed to lead healthy, productive, drug-free lives. For more information about Colonial House, Inc. visit

About Prescient Medicine

Prescient Medicine is delivering the tools that define the precision healthcare movement—the future of medicine. We believe that with deeper predictive insights, tomorrow's researchers and caregivers can make better decisions, leading to the best possible patient outcomes. Through our expertise in pharmacology, chemistry, in vitro diagnostics (IVD), pathology, pharmacogenomics, and toxicology, we’ve created powerful tests and analytics that deliver the advanced test results and methodologies that help physicians and our partners make the right choice at the right time. Prescient has locations in Pennsylvania and Missouri and is opening its Florida location in 2017. Visit us at