Prescient Medicine Partners with Advanced PainCare to Offer Progressive, Precision Medicine Services to Chronic Pain Patients

Prescient Medicine Partners with Advanced PainCare to Offer Progressive, Precision Medicine Services to Chronic Pain Patients


Margo Schafer Pelak 
Prescient Medicine Media Relations

HUMMELSTOWN, Pa., Jan 25, 2017 -- Patients who suffer from chronic pain may now benefit from a new partnership between Prescient Medicine of Hummelstown, Pa. and Advanced PainCare of Mechanicsburg, Pa. The organizations today announced that they have partnered to provide Advanced PainCare patients with improved laboratory testing services that will reduce wait time for urine tests and assist physicians with making timely, informed treatment decisions to help patients reduce or eliminate chronic pain and return to leading active, normal lives. According to a report by the Institute of Medicine, more than 100 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic, debilitating pain.i Many patients treated for chronic pain require routine medical testing to ensure proper therapeutic results are being obtained.

The organizations further announced that they will offer cutting edge genetic laboratory testing that can provide compelling insight into how a patient might metabolize a medication based on the patient’s unique DNA profile. Genetic testing for patients taking pain medicine can potentially reduce overdose and addiction risk, as well as help physicians select medications that will reduce pain more effectively.

“Precision medicine is a new category of medicine that provides patients and physicians with insights that have never been available before. We are providing precision medicine services that help physicians make informed decisions about many medical conditions, including the treatment of chronic pain,” said Keri Donaldson, M.D., CEO, Prescient Medicine.

“Offering these services in our home state and with Advanced PainCare is particularly gratifying because of the high quality of care that Advanced PainCare provides,” Donaldson said.

“We’re thrilled that Prescient Medicine is sending their precision medicine reports back to us in such a timely fashion. We have more information than ever before and we’re getting that information more quickly. When our patients can get back to their lives sooner, and with better outcomes, we know we’re helping them,” said Jean Louise Santo, M.D., Advanced PainCare Founder.

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Advanced PainCare, located in Mechanicsburg, Pa., offers an advanced, patient-centric approach to helping patients reduce and eliminate pain and resume a normal life. Advanced PainCare’s dual-board-certified pain physicians tailor minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment plans to each patient’s unique condition and history to avoid invasive surgery and large doses of medication. Visit Advanced PainCare at

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Prescient Medicine is delivering the tools that define the precision healthcare movement—the future of medicine. We believe that with deeper predictive insights, tomorrow's researchers and caregivers can make better decisions, leading to the best possible patient outcomes. Through our expertise in pharmacology, chemistry, in vitro diagnostics (IVD), pathology, pharmacogenomics, and toxicology, we’ve created powerful tests and analytics that deliver the advanced test results and methodologies that help physicians and our partners make the right choice at the right time. Prescient has locations in Pennsylvania and Missouri and is opening its Florida location in 2017. Visit us at